Thursday, May 07, 2009

Avengers Covers

I did a few covers for the Marvel Adventures Avengers book while I was doing the Batroc story, and the first has been solicited for July! Marvel has all the details:

Click here

Nate Cosby was my editor on these and that guy is a nut. I LOVE working for him and hope we can hook up again soon. He came up with some great concepts for these, so he gets all the credit. So, look for issue #38 and #39 -- that's me!



PatrickWedge said...

I loved the Spidey pose and placement on this cover. Was the first thing I saw and made me chuckle.

Casey Jones said...

Thanks, Patrick! There's a lot going on in that cover, but the Thor/Spidey bit come together pretty early. I did all the figures separately in the layout and pieced it together. The Thor had a Mignola flavor to it that I liked, but he's mostly covered up now. Still fun, though. Glad you liked it!