Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Studio Tour

Well, I finally vacuumed the studio, so I took some pictures to prove it. I always enjoy peeking into other people's studios (especially artists in other countries), so here's a look at mine. I hope you like the tour!
I try to get rid of anything I don't need. Clutter distracts me, so you won't find much here. I have 2 work stations -- the traditional desk for drawing and the Mac/Cintiq for digital files. The Cintiq is an amazing machine and it's made doing digital inking and rendering so much easier.
Here's a shot of the Left side of the studio. Lots of comics, mostly. This is all mainstream stuff -- nice to have close-by for reference. I have all the art books and black & white stuff in the house.

My drawing table is an old layout desk from Disney's Florida studio. It's a giant lightbox on a hydraulic lift, which is great for the work I do. They were used for doing backgrounds for the films (this one was used on Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear). After they closed the studio, they sold off the desks and I bought mine from the artist who worked on it (he's all digital now and just didn't use it). It's sad. As happy as I am to have the desk, I would much rather it still be sitting in the Feature Animation building.
Closer shot of the work area. I've got the extra Dazor lamp on top of the book shelf there -- works great for working nights. That's a poster that a friend of mine did for The Dead Weather on the wall (for one of the shows in Europe). Can't wait to see them next month.
Swinging right, you can see the computer workstation. I got the Anthro desk about 4 years ago, and I'm really happy with it.
Further to the right, you can see the Marvel Masterworks. Those came in very handy while drawing Exiles -- Parker popped in a million cameos. I got started on those about 5 years ago -- my main write-off for the year.
Closer look on the computer. I generally pick up one big thing to write-off each year. Large format scanner, Cintiq, Mac, Anthro... after 15 years of doing this, I've accumulated most everything I need.
The last thing I got for the studio -- a couch! Now I can have visitors and they don't have to sit in the floor.
I'm lucky to have a little kitchen and bathroom as part of the studio. Mainly for coffee and cleaning up from inking or painting. It's handy.

So, that's the tour! For the record, the coolest studio I've ever seen is Joe Quesada's. But, I'm pretty happy with mine, and considering how much time I spend in here... it's nice to have it set up the way I want it after all these years.


Chris Shields said...

VERY awesome. Your studio is pretty much what I want mine to be.

proto said...

I got to say ....what a perfect studio! My dream room! I love the light table desk , it is beautiful! And I'm with you, neat , clean, organized! Its a beautiful thing! I still have no clue how to do digital but that 21 Cintiq is an amazing piece of equipment! Thanks for letting up check out your digs! ( now I know what I want for Christmas!!!

Casey Jones said...

Thanks, Chris! Great to see you at MegaCon!

Casey Jones said...

Glad you like it, Proto! Thanks!

=shane white= said...

Funny, people always give me crap for having a clean studio. But hey...I'm a product of the environment I create.

Looks good, man.


christiano said...

Wow!! Everything looks so neat and top notch!! Congrats

Jose said...

Looks great! Big room! Can't be that clean all the time can it??? And no TV?!?!?!? What the..???